Instructions: Paint the walls with yellowchair® chalk paint

Paint the walls with yellowchair® chalk paint

You have chosen a high-quality mineral product that is free of VOCs and harmless to people, animals and the environment.
yellowchair® chalk paints are also breathable and give rooms a sense of comfort and calm thanks to their dull matt look and special feel.
yellowchair® products are made in Germany.

With a few tips, painting with yellowchair® chalk paint is not only possible for professionals, but also for laypeople.

Compared to conventional wall paint, NOT all corners and connections on a wall are primed first and then the surfaces are treated, but only as far as the ceiling/wall connection is primed, as can also be worked downwards.
It is worked in lanes. The brushwork doesn't matter. It may be deleted in any direction.
We use a brush made from China bristle mixture.
The visible brush stroke is characteristic of yellowchair® chalk paint. This gives the painting a touch of nostalgia.
Of course, the paint can also be applied with a short-pile polyamide roller or with an airless device.
Touching up where the paint has already dried should be avoided for optical reasons.
A double coat is used for a rich and even surface appearance.

TIP: Paint applied with a brush serves to give the chalk paint a visual appearance.

For walls and ceilings, the paint should be diluted with water, about 5 to 10%. Depending on the nature of the subsurface (structure) and the absorbency of the subsurface, more.

Tip: Approach slowly and don't dilute the whole bucket at once.

In the case of differently absorbent, highly absorbent substrates or substrates with different materials (e.g. drill holes closed with other material), the
yellowchair ® wall primer , which levels and strengthens the subsurface and minimizes absorbency.

The technical added value compared to a "normal wall paint" lies in the permeability of the yellowchair chalk paint and its high pH value. The paint is therefore particularly suitable when there is high humidity and there is a risk of mold. Simply put, the mineral paint can absorb humidity and release it again when the room air is dry.
Together with adequate ventilation and heating of the rooms, it helps to minimize the risk of mold.
Diffusion-open paints are only as breathable as the substrate allows.
If a conventional emulsion paint has already been applied, the mineral paint cannot work miracles on it - optically very well.

In the splash water area, the application of yellowchair® paint protection is recommended. It protects the paint and makes it more resistant to dirt.

Source: Andrea Schultz, construction engineer and indoor mold expert

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