Collection: yellowchair chalk paint

Buy chalk paint for walls and furniture directly from the manufactory

Many colors only offer a quick color kick, but not every color and not every chalk paint has the high-quality building biology properties that you want in interiors, on furniture and on everyday objects. Completely without pollutants and solvents, you will receive a modern, mineral paint product from us that will also convince you with its versatility. It doesn't matter whether you want to use our chalk paint for the walls or chalk paint for your furniture , with our exclusive products you always make the right decision.

Get to know our complete product range here and find out how you can buy high-quality chalk paint directly from us.

Chalk paint for the wall - ideal with primer

Our range of chalk paint for walls and ceilings gives you the choice of one or more of the modern shades. Rich in the color effect and freely mixable and tintable with each other, you can use our chalk paint to design your wall exactly as you imagined it.

Open to diffusion and therefore moisture-balancing, you can actively counteract the formation of mold indoors by using chalk paint. But a coat of yellowchair chalk paint on the wall and ceiling is also the ideal option for allergy sufferers and all people who are sensitive to environmental toxins. Immediately ready for use, our chalk paint can be processed immediately. Nevertheless, the surface should be free of dirt and grease, which is not always easy to guarantee.

You can therefore not only buy chalk paint from us, but also primers, with which your chalk paint coat will work even better on a variety of surfaces. Yellowchair chalk paint for indoor walls and ceilings is not only open to diffusion, it is also harmless to people, animals and the environment.

Chalk paint for furniture - the healthy living option

Would you like to give your furniture a whole new face with chalk paint? Our high-quality chalk paint for furniture can be used for cherished pieces. Choose a shade that matches the original color and give your furniture a new look. Or you deliberately opt for an unusual color variant - then chalk paint turns your furniture into an absolutely unique piece.

If chalk paint is used for furniture , it must be waxed after it has dried, thus supporting the naturalness of the colour. A water-based protective varnish is available for heavily used furniture.

Our transparent wax is made with high-quality beeswax and carnauba wax, is resistant to saliva and sweat and is even suitable for children's toys. Discover even more design options, because chalk paint on furniture wood becomes a fine shade darker with our transparent wax. But you can also get color waxes to match the desired wood color from us. In this way, cherished pieces of furniture can be cared for without great effort and kept beautiful for a long time.

Buy chalk paint - live better

As a manufacturer of chalk paints, you can not only buy chalk paint from us, but also the right accessories. We carry high-quality, handcrafted paint brushes, pattern rollers, graining tools and many other unusual helpers that make working with our chalk paint a pleasure.

But you can also buy the material for pre- and final treatment from us with your selected chalk paint . It doesn't matter whether you want to use chalk paints indoors on the wall or on the piece of furniture - only directly from the manufactory can you be sure that you are buying exactly the right accessories together. Primers, paint and effect waxes allow exciting results on furniture, on the wall and anywhere you want it.

Whether chalk paint for walls or chalk paint for furniture - get to know our exclusive portfolio and experience the design variety of our chalk paints.