YELLOWCHAIR® produces ecological chalk paint for walls and furniture.
Our philosophy is: less is more, quality over quantity, natural ingredients, sustainable, eco-friendly products made with respect for the environment, animals and people, making the world a little bit brighter and healthier.
YELLOWCHAIR® is produced in Germany in a CO2-neutral manner.

We created an affiliate program to give those who love our products the opportunity to help us grow and maintain our quality.
We invite you to get a commission by recommending our products and sharing a discount code to your friends, followers and contacts.

How does it work?
As soon as you are approved for one of our affiliate programs, you will receive a personal discount code with images, product photos and links that you can share with your friends, family, partners, customers, followers and visitors.

Every time your discount code is used, a discount is given to your friends and you get a commission.
If you have any questions and would like to know more about our affiliate program and how it works, please contact with the subject "Affiliate".

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